Mindful Real Estate

For clients that are interested, C.T. offers “mindful real estate showings”.

“I find that often times, as people shop for homes in the midst of a busy and sometimes overflowing life, details of houses can sometimes slip by or be forgotten quickly during or after a showing. Sometimes people will view as many as 8 different houses in an afternoon and sometimes only one. Whatever the number, being present for the showing is essential.

It is easy to focus on a predetermined agenda going into a house and miss out on other maybe unexpected aspects of the home– both good and bad. Being focused on the carpeting could make you miss cracks in the ceiling or we might not be aware of how a cloudy day can affect the light in a house and make it feel gloomier than it is. Even simply the stress of our day prior to the showing might affect our mood and thus our perception of anything we see.

And then in addition to the nuts and bolts and back splashes and countertops and lighting fixtures, there is the big question: Does the house feel like it could be your home?

As a Realtor who shows and evaluates multiple properties every week, I see people miss details all the time. Sometimes the details are insignificant but sometimes they are not. In addition to taking pictures and notes (which I always recommend), being able to take on a relaxed, mindful approach to evaluating a potential home can help save time, energy, money and most importantly, regret. Pretty much only good things can come of being present before making big decisions and I am happy to encourage that. “

C.T. has studied and practiced mindfulness meditation for over 10 years and is happy to lead those clients who are interested on a short guided or unguided meditation prior to viewing a home or any real estate transaction for that matter.

For more information on secular, mindfulness meditation and some of the science behind it, go to: www.thesittingproject.org or feel free to contact C.T. with any questions you might have.